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Emanuela Ceva is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Geneva. She has held fellowships and visiting positions at various institutions worldwide, including: the Center for Human Values of the Princeton University; Nuffield College and the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford; Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo; University of St Andrews; Centre de Recherche en Étique de l’Université de Montréal; University of Hamburg; Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics of Harvard University; and KU Leuven. In 2018, she was awarded a Fulbright Research Scholarship in Philosophy. She works primarily on the normative theory of institutions with a focus on conflict and justice, democracy, corruption. She is the author of Interactive Justice (Routledge 2016), co-author of Is Whistleblowing a Duty? (Polity 2018) and of Political Corruption (OUP 2021), and has published articles in such journals as The Journal of Political Philosophy; Social Philosophy & Policy; Politics, Philosophy & Economics; Journal of Social Philosophy; Journal of Applied Philosophy.

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Maria Paola Ferretti is Interim Professor of Political Philosophy and Theory at the University of Frankfurt on Main and principal investigator of the project “Towards a non-welfarist ethics of risk: a freedom-based framework” (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) at the Research Centre “Normative Orders”. Her research interests include theories of public justification, theories of justice, the ethics of public politics with special reference to the management of risk and political corruption. She is the author of “The Public Perspective. Public Justification and the Ethics of Belief” (Rowaman and Littlefield, 2019) and with E. Ceva of “Political Corruption. The Internal Enemy of Public Institutions” (Oxford University Press 2021). She has published articles in a number of journals, including Social Philosophy and Policy, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Journal of Applied Philosophy.

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