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Research Team

University of Eastern Piedmont - Vercelli


Anna Elisabetta Galeotti

Principal Investigator


Anna Elisabetta Galeotti is Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Eastern Piedmont, Vercelli.  Her research interests range from toleration, multiculturalism, equal respect to deception and self-deception in politics. Among her English publications: Toleration as Recognition (Cambridge University Press 2002);  “Autonomy and Cultural Practices: The Risk of Double Standards,” European Journal of Political Theory (2015), “The Range of Toleration,” Philosophy and Social Criticism (2015),“Cultural Conflicts: A Deflationary Approach,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (2017), Political Self-Deception (Cambridge University Press 2018,) “Rescuing Toleration”, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (2019).

Margherita Benzi is Assistant Professor (tenured position) in Logic and Philosophy at University of Eastern Piedomon - Department of Law and Political, Economic and Social Sciences. Her research interests are in causal and uncertain reasoning, philosophy of medicine and argumentation theory.  She is member of the Board of Teachers of the PhD program FINO- Nothwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium.


Enrico Biale is Assistant Professor in Political Philosophy at the Department of Humanities of the University of Piemonte Orientale. His main areas of interests are normative democratic theory and deliberative democracy, normative theories of democratic citizenship, theories of social justice and progressive politics. He has published extensively on democratic boundaries, normative theories of political parties, and he is currently writing a monograph on the boundaries of democratic citizenship.  His work has appeared in Political Theory, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Res Publica.

Cristina Meini teaches Philosophy of communication and Philosophy of cognitive processes at the University of Eastern Piedmont, Vercelli. She studied with Diego Marconi (MA), Kevin Mulligan (DES), and Pierre Jacob (Ph.D.). Her main areas of research are self-knowledge (a constructivist approach to its development - pathologies of self-knowledge - self & memory); philosophy of communication (fake news - the role of experts - the protective role of deliberation); philosophy of music (the nature of musical emotions and their communicative function). She published some monographs and many articles in Italian and international reviews.


Marco Miglino is a Phd candidate at the University of Eastern Piedmont, with a scholarship from the Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium (ethics and politics curriculum). In his research, he is trying to answer to the question at “which conditions the existence of borders can be justified?”. The aim of the research is to prove that the existence of borders is justified only if their existence and composition can be negotiated in a democratic interaction involving both insiders and outsiders. His main research interests are normative democratic theory, normative theory of migration, liberal nationalism, republicanism, and the liberal-communitarian debate.

Luca Savarino is Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy and Bioethics at the Department of Humanities of the University of Eastern Piedmont and member of the Italian Committee for Bioethics. Among his most recent publications: Pandemia. Le conseguenze etiche e politiche del Covid-19 (Treccani, Roma, 2020); Bioetica (Treccani, Roma, 2020 (forthcoming); Limits and Possibilities of Moral Enhancement  (Notizie di Politeia, 2017);  Moral pluralism and Christian Bioethics. On Tr. H. Engelhardt Jr. After God, in “Christian Bioethics (Oxford University Press, 2017)


Marco Novarese is Associate Professor of Economics, at Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, Scienze Politiche, Economiche e Sociali, Università del Piemonte Orientale. He works on Behavioural and Cognitive Economics.

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